Drawing Register

Drawing Register DR v1.11

Increase your office productivity skills by using Drawing Register for Excel, search to open, clone, speedmail documents

Increase your office productivity skills by using Drawing Register for Excel, search to open, clone, speedmail documents

Specifically written for document controllers allowing you or your system administrators to setup and easily share your own or your companies current and superseded electronic documents to be viewed side-by-side so they can be quickly accessed locally or remotely.

Keep your workforce up to date ensuring they use your latest documents all managed by one administrator.

Each user can use Drawing Register as a stand-alone system or if networked can target their network path to the company server's document folder who the administrator or chosen document controller takes care of.

Drawing Register provides 5 unique search engines allowing each engine to be setup differently providing 5 easy to use multi-string file search system's where users can quickly find and manage their search results to clone, delete, open, print or speedmail chosen files from their PC-to-Monitor or Server-to-Audience without having to have those files physically sitting on their own PC's taking up valuable hard-drive space.

Clone server files directly to your PC to be viewed at a later date or when you are in off-line mode.

Delete personal files from your own PC and own database quickly.

Open up to 30 documents so they can be compared onscreen side-by-side.

Print up to 30 documents without opening each one individually and pressing print 30 times.

Send individual emails with up to 30 attachments being added with those file contents being listed within the email body automatically, simply extract the email to another Drawing Register user's document folder to have your database entries auto-add themselves to your recipients database.

Why look for and purchase additional software when Drawing Register is free and has no time-period limit.

You probably already have Microsoft Excel so no need to purchase anything else.

Drawing Register has access to an online "User Guide" which can help you setup and make the most of it.

Drawing Register is totally free of charge and works with all versions of Microsoft Excel in both 32 and 64 bit and on all platforms of Microsoft Windows.

Use Drawing Register to catalogue any asset database you desire such as E-Books, E-Music, E-Movies, Stamp collections, customers, goods, sales and so many more.

Drawing Register


Drawing Register DR v1.11